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пятница, 15 октября 2010 г.

take me back to...

Ten days spent in this place I will never forget. Holiday this year was magnificent. From the beginning, a place where we’ll fly I’m not happy. But my emotions were wrong. Immediately after landing the plane I realized it. And I was overwhelmed by new feelings, emotions of admiration. This was due not only to the beauty of the place where I was, but with wonderful people working there. Wonderful people, welcoming and friendly. Ten days went quickly. Activities on the beach, swimming in the sea and the swimming pool, sunbathing, delicious food and beautiful people. Everything was perfect. When it came time to return home, I was very sad. I was sorry to say “goodbye” to all animators who entertained tourists during all days. Especially I will remember Bisha, Pepeto, Kader, Kenzi and of course Katya. Thanks for a wonderful time. ♥

I hope that will come back next year.

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